Stiff Competition for Nurses

More than ninety five thousand (95,000) nursing graduates took the Nurses Licensure Examinations (NLE) last November 2009 and the results would be coming out anytime within this month or in February 2010.

When the results of the NLE for November 2009 are released, the passers should be grateful but should be ready for a new challenge after the celebrations.

The future nurses will have to strive harder, double the effort than those who got licenses in the previous years. This is because the competition is getting stiffer.

Yes, the global demand for nurses is continually increasing yet the number of countries producing them is likewise increasing.

In a recent study conducted by an organization, the figures showed that more and more countries have invested in nursing education. Countries like Korea, China, Egypt, India among others are into nursing too these days.

In the past decade the demand for nurses in the United States was at its peak but due to the ongoing health issue the government would prioritize american nurses before getting 'imports'.

There's hope for future nurses though...if and when the following will happen.

After the May 10 elections, the new Philippine government will make policies that will eventually lead to increase in salaries of government workers, nurses included, so that they will not have to seek for employment abroad.

Countries like Japan, Italy, Spain, the UK and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will further augment their nursing workforce.

The competition is getting stiffer. We do strongly believe, however, that Filipino nurses are better than anyone else in the world. They can always excel in the field no matter what.