Nursing Job Tips

Most of the time, new nurses find their way searching for employment opportunities abroad. That is because overseas jobs offer higher salary and the chance to migrate.

However, there are nurses who prefer to work here despite the high demand of nurses in other countries. The question is, are there jobs available for nurses in the Philippines? The answer is yes.

NurseThere are more government hospitals that usually have better offers than private ones in terms of salaries and long-term benefits. But how can one get a job there? Today, we are giving you some tips on how to get a job at a government hospital (assuming that you will serve locally and not somewhere else).

Employment on a Job Order status

Most if not all elected officials put huge amounts in public hospitals to cover the financial requirements of indigent patients who cannot afford to pay for medicines and hospital bills.

These funds will become the income of the medical facility, which the Administrator will definitely be thankful for. In return, the Chief of Hospital will gladly honor the recommendations for job seekers that will be endorsed to them by the politician.

What you should do to get a job on J.O. status:
  • Write and print an application letter.
  • Attach photocopies of your scholastic records, training certificates and all other documents that show your credentials.
  • Write a letter requesting the elected official for a recommendation letter endorsing your application to the Chief of Hospital.
  • Put them all in a transparent folder before you apply.
  • The recommendation letter will play an important role. Place it on top of your application papers.
Employment on a regular or permanent status

There are hospitals, particularly the high-paying ones, that are consistent with the quality of their services and employees. Before hiring nurses, they will see to it that the applicant will undergo and pass stringent training.

That training, which the hospital most-likely will hold itself, is actually similar to a on-the-job training (OJT) but on a certain level that as if you were already hired. You will have to pay for it though and the cost usually plays around P3,000 or even higher, depending on the level of training.

Make sure to avail that training program because once you apply, the human resource (HR) department will look for that as they scan your resume. Once it's there, you will have greater advantage.

We hope these tips help. Good luck!