Sto. Tomas to July 2010 NLE examinees: "It will be very soon"

PRC board of nursing (BoN) member Marco Antonio Sto. Tomas on Thursday posted in his Facebook wall an advise to all takers of the July 2010 Nurses Licensure Examination (NLE) to await a little more. He wrote that the NLE July 2010 results are to be released and "it will be very soon."

Here's the complete post from honorable Sto. Tomas:
"EVERYONE in PATIENT WAIT of the July NLE results. Continue to await a little more & it will be very soon. My BoNmates are now on "complete" quarantine this early morning for the final procedures of the release. Am sorry I can't respond to your posts, coz even if I AM ON VOLUNTARY INHIBITION, I still must do my share of integrity-keeping 'til the whole process is completely executed. GOD KNOWS BEST.. HE IS IN CONTROL!"
Sto. Tomas

Good luck guys!

What does the countdown say by the way?