Illegal recruiters target nurses with online job offers

DFA: Philippine Embassy in London reiterates warning on dubious online job offers - The Philippine Embassy in London reiterated its warning to Filipinos on dubious online job offers.

According to a report by the Philippine Nurses Association-United Kingdom (PNA-UK) to the Embassy, the new illegal recruitment scheme involves online job offers sent by email to prospective victims, mainly nurses, who have previously submitted their resumes in public job search websites.

In this new modus operandi, the alleged employer and/or his solicitor (lawyer) sends the victim successive emails containing a job offer, a Contract of Agreement with a very attractive wage and benefits package, a Certificate of Employment, and a blank Certificate of Good Moral Character.

Upon submission of documentary requirements, detailed payment procedures of processing fees via wire transfer are then sent to the victim.

The employer’s solicitor usually identifies him/herself as a member of a prominent legal firm or as an employee of the High Court. In some cases, the employer sends photographs of his family in the UK via email in an attempt to assure the applicant that the process is legitimate.

Once the fees have been paid by the applicant, the employer and the solicitor terminate all contact with the victim.

This modus operandi is similar to other online scams earlier reported by the Embassy involving job offers for nannies, au pair, hotel staff, store managers, salespersons and engineers.

The public is advised to always verify job offers to the UK with the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).

They may likewise send a request for job offer verification to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) at or