BoN Marco Antonio Sto. Tomas Facebook Announcements

Passers of the July 2011 Nurses Licensure Examination need to know the following updates from Board of Nursing (BoN) member Honorable Marco Antonio Sto. Tomas.

He is the only BoN member who's active online so you don't want to let this opportunity pass. Get updated.

BoN Sto. Tomas in his Facebook fan page said:
TO ALL TO WHOM THIS APPLIES: Verification of your performance in the last NLE means visiting PRC and personally seeking a copy of your performance in all the tests. Normally the official results are mailed to you via traditional mail. THERE IS NOTHING TO VERIFY ON LINE BECAUSE THIS WINDOW ARE ONLY FOR RNs.. NEWLY PASSED NURSES ARE NOT YET RNs. WAIT for PRC announcements when you will be scheduled for your "Oath" and "Registration". PLEASE BE GUIDED ACCORDINGLY.
In your Nursing Ethics and Professional Adjustment/Jursiprudence Lessons your school should have taught you that THERE ARE 3-FOLD REQUIREMENTS TO BE A PROFESSIONAL/RN IN THE PHILIPPINES: 1. Apply, take and PASS your Nurse Licensure Examination; 2. Take your Oath of Professional (individually or in group); and 3. Register from your Professional License. You have satisfied only no. 1 and you will need to satisfy the 2nd and 3rd requirement by adhering to the schedules to be set by PRC so keep yourselves posted in the PRC Website.
The BON has DONE AWAY with the traditionally MASS OATHTAKING in order to respond to current "economic difficulties" faced by "most" your families (cost-saving measures) and current job-scarcity among nurses. SIMPLIFYING the oathtaking is a must at this time. So YOU MAY TAKE YOUR OATH AT THE SAME TIME OF REGISTRATION with PRC.

PRC said they already have an "interactive website" so perhaps you need to address your concerns directly with them through this website. The BON website will only be in operation also UNTIL DECEMBER 2011. The present Board of Nursing can sustain it only up to the said period.
As far as MY FB account is concerned both my regular and FAN PAGE account is something I will need to decide soon also. I thank everyone and hope these instruments have somehow been a tool for guidance/assistance to all concerned and inspiration wherever possible. God bless.
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