Sto. Tomas leaving the Board of Nursing

Everyone in the nursing profession knows and will soon miss Professional Regulation Commission Board of Nursing (PRC-BoN) member Marco Antonio Sto. Tomas.

In a Facebook status message posted Friday, Sto Tomas revealed he mulls continuing to be of service to the nursing community, but in a private capacity.

“I am seriously considering leaving voluntarily the Board of Nursing (BON) and concentrate in Nurses Vox affairs... I feel there is much more I can contribute to assist fellow nurses and nursing if I go back to the private sector,” said Sto Tomas, who seems to be the one and only BoN member who’s interactive and very active in social networking.

Sto. Tomas is set to complete a second term as BoN member next month and isn’t keen of taking an extension.

“After November 2012 I shall have fulfilled the requirement of R.A. No. 9173 of completing only 2 terms and I do not find it [professionally] healthy in keeping sound relationships with all stakeholders and co-workers anymore in furthering a post of continuing ‘hold over’ especially after E.O. No. 5 of his Excellency President Pnoy,” Sto. Tomas explained.

There are rumors that the PRC will be choosing new BoN members in December and it seems his announcement has relevance.

“...the professional nursing landscape has started to change and all the more be felt in the coming years due to many domestic and international developments and challenges .... I BELIEVE THERE ARE OTHERS better who can take on the demands while I continue serving on the sides as private individual ....” he continued.

“Having expressed this personal preference I still pledge to serve in the best interest of health especially of the Filipinos, nursing as a profession, and fellow Filipino nurses,” he added.

Sto. Tomas initiated and launched Nurses Vox Health Services Cooperative (Nurses Vox Coop Philippines), a “nurse-organized, nurse-managed, nurse-owned” business company that dedicates all its efforts toward “building a parallel social engine of productivity and promoting the economic growth of Philippine nursing as tool of access, quality and health of Filipinos.”

One of the company’s objectives is to “provide an alternative source of income for jobless nurses.”